Can You Learn To Play Guitar Overnight? (gutar-soul-music)


By Rick Napolitano

Can You Learn To Play Guitar Overnight?

People who love music want to learn to play the guitar. And those e that already know would like to make their skills better. It requires a great deal of patience to learn the guitar and master the skill. There are those that do not have this kind of patience.

The way that guitar playing is typically learned requires a great deal of time. There is a new way of learning that involves the use of visual products and books that can help a beginner guitar player learn on their own without the use of an instructor or lessons.

Even with all these new methods a private instructor is still usually called upon. One problem that many people have with hiring an instructor is finding one that is capable of teaching them. There are teachers who are great guitar players but are just not able to teach. This can cause the student to become frustrated and give up their lessons and never learn to play the guitar.

For someone who really wants to learn, the Internet is a good resource for finding more modern and effective learning methods. A beginner can learn to play the guitar in a relatively short period of time. A fast learner can even begin to understand some basic methods overnight.

Many of these methods include an audio file that will allow the beginner the ability to hear how a chord should sound. This will let them match what they are producing on their guitar and see if they are doing it right. There is generally a tutorial section that has interactive lessons attached to it. Usually there will be visuals that will allow the user to see what the fret board looks like and the proper placement of fingers. There can also be a method to show the user how to change the chords and properly strum the guitar.

Some sites have an entire page devoted to hand placement. This will show the user every position their hand and fingers should be in to correctly play the chords.

These Internet sites that teach a person to play guitar are an invaluable resource for the beginning player. It can enhance private lessons they are already participating in or they can be used all on their own. Either way the Internet lessons are a great way to learn without involving the assistance of an instructor for every moment you are trying to play your guitar.

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Rick Napolitano is a musician and song writer who has paired up with some of the biggest names in rock particularly Don Lappin, Adam Ross, in order to teach others how to learn guitar. Check out their huge database of online guitar lessons at


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